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Established in 2000, we have successfully treated thousands of patients with various conditions including lower back pain, neck pain, thoracic and sciatic pain, headaches, TMJ, arm pain, carpel tunnel, athletic injuries, shoulder and knee pain, car injuries, colic and ear infections, and more.  It would seem that we have adjusted everything on the human body, except attitudes.             

Dr. Aznar specializes in a number of techniques that includes the Thompson Technique, Diversify, Gonstead, Activator, Cox, Motion Palpation, and Nymmo to name a few.  In addition to chiropractic adjustments, we provide physical therapy in the form of massage, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, laser, stretching and exercise. Dr. Aznar stays current with the latest research and technology by attending courses in neurology, Bio-Mechanics, immunology, whiplash injury, post-surgical rehabilitation, pediatrics and health coaching.

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