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Testimonials from Dr. Aznar's Patients


-Gary Buckway, Spanish Fork, UT 

I have struggled with my pain for 20 years plus, I initially saw a Neurologist for herniated discs.  I also tried some shot procedures, but I still had a lot of pain, prior to coming to see Dr. Aznar. My co-worker, Wendy was talking to me about her chiropractor and that he helped her feel better. I scheduled an appointment to see Dr. Aznar and he gave me a treatment plan, which included, Therapy, stretching and home exercises. I saw him two times a week for the first few months. Soon after treating I was feeling better and not long after that I was back to biking and doing all the things I want to do.

During the course of my treatment, I was nervous about having my neck adjusted because I have a neck fusion.  I kept complaining of neck pain. He convinced me a thorough work up would be helpful. I was surprised to find not only could he adjust my neck, but it made a big difference in making me feel better. Dr. Aznar really cared about my treatment.  He was honest and upfront with me and gave me a plan to do some preventative care. The staff is friendly and easy going, and I seldom have to wait.


-Jessica Rowley, Orem, UT 

When I came in to Dr. Aznar’s office, I had been in a car accident a few years ago.  My neck was really messed up. I had been battling the pain for 16 years. I had been to other chiropractors with little to no progress. Dr. Aznar visited with me in my initial visit, and explained what was going on with my neck.  Dr. Aznar was very sympathetic to my situation, he really cares about his patients and wants to help others to feel good and get better.He set up a treatment plan that was really easy and effective. I saw him 3 times a week for a few weeks. It was not long after that, about 3 weeks, I started to feel better. Dr. Aznar had me do some exercises to strengthen my muscles and that helped a lot. I am very pleased with Dr. Aznar and his staff. The office is very friendly and they care. They know me by my first name, and are always willing to fit me in and work with my schedule.


-Amber Burke, Saratoga Springs, UT

I have been in several car accidents over the years and I am in pain often.  Dr. Aznar is always very aware and caring. He notices when I reply “good” to the question “how are you doing?” that I could be better. I appreciate the staff at the clinic. They are always friendly and great to interact with, very easy going, as well as efficient. I saw Dr. Aznar two times a week to start. I started healing quickly after treatment. It was a few months and my mobility was back to normal. My treatment included, chiropractic adjustments, electrical stimulation and ultrasound therapies, as well as exercises.

Dr. Aznar was so aware of me and my health concerns and looking for ways to specifically address them rather than just get me in and out.


-Rosalie Mackay, Provo, UT

When I came in to Dr. Aznar’s office, I had been in pain for two months.  My leg was going numb and I limped when I walked. I tried massage prior to seeing Dr. Aznar, but it didn’t help. Dr. Aznar diagnosed me with a bulging disc and sciatic pain. Dr. Aznar was so kind and was so sympathetic to my situation. The staff was super to work with. Dr. Aznar created a treatment plan for me that was so helpful. I came in 3 times a week to start. Included in my treatment was chiropractic adjustments, lumbar traction, ultra sound, electrical stimulation, and laser therapy. Dr. Aznar also had me do some stretching of my lower back and exercises to strengthen my core.

After 2 months I started feeling better, I knew I was improving when I could roll over in my bed and not hurt. When I started my treatment I was seeing Dr. Aznar 3 times a week, then I went to 2 times a week, and eventually one visit per week. Now I only come in when I need to(every 3 weeks optimal). I am so grateful to Dr. Aznar and his staff, everything they did while I was treated made a huge difference in my well being.

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